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This summer I am excited to begin offering a unique service:

Personalized Creativity Coaching & Artistic Instruction

I have a lifetime of experience as an Artist. I have been a self-taught hobbyist, a formal art student in higher education, a freelance scientific illustrator, and am now a well-respected art teacher working at a renowned nonprofit gallery and foundation. I have shown my art in galleries, sold my work, participated in residencies, and taught hundreds of students to draw and paint over the last few years. My students know I am a caring, empathetic listener, a supportive, encouraging, and validating coach, a patient and articulate instructor—and they have been returning class after class. However, I now feel my calling is beyond teaching.

I am truly passionate about visual arts and making creativity accessible. 

This service might be for you if…  

  • you’re keeping unused art supplies in a closet just sitting around for “someday”…
  • you signed yourself up for several self-paced online art classes but have hardly engaged with them…
  • you keep stacks of blank sketchbooks and journals just sitting around gathering dust…
    (or have something only on the first page, or ripped-out pages!)
  • you follow lots of artists on social media and wish you could do what they do…
  • you wander through galleries and think “I could do something like that, if only…”
  • you used to love to draw and paint as a kid but just… STOPPED at some point…
  • you feel a suspicion that you are creative and sitting on unrealized potential…
  • you know something is holding you back but aren’t quite sure what it is or what to do about it…
  • you have an unfulfilled dream from your youth of being an artist…

Then we need to talk!

Let me tell you, I have been there. 

I am here to tell you that “someday” is here. If you are someone who could benefit from external accountability, gentle support and guidance, encouragement and validation, as well as some actual tangible skills and concrete actions to take from a real working Artist… then I am here to help you.  I have a handful of openings for clients to begin booking right away for sessions beginning in July through September. 

Some benefits of this work:

  • Increased confidence from improving skills and achieving goals
    (this confidence is bound to seep into other areas of your life…)
  • An emerging sense of identity as you take on a new lifestyle
  • An expanded sense of possibility
  • Learning to see and understand the world as an artist does (THIS is a real Superpower!)
  • Using your supplies!(!!)
  • Enjoyment of “The Flow State” or “The Zone”
  • A healthy, expressive creative outlet and coping mechanism to lean on during tough times
  • And SO much more… 

I am the right person to help because I have managed all these benefits on my own through years of process and hard work. In the past I have also been a perfectionist, unsure of myself, struggling, but through deep personal work I have brought myself back from this struggle several times. I have been there! I know what it’s like to feel paralyzed by the blank page, to feel a sense of failure for a messed up drawing, to do nothing creative for months because of complete overwhelm. I also know how to start working and keep going, how to impart the skills that will empower you to call yourself an Artist…

Let’s talk!


What are the details? Sessions are LIVE, 1:1, at convenient times on weekdays or evenings, are 1.5h long and held online over Zoom.

Where and on what time zone are you located? I am located in Canada on Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7).

What are your rates and in what currency are they? Rates are in CAD. I don’t believe in hiding my fees or disclosing them only after a lengthy sales call. I am currently charging a hundred and fifty per session, or five hundred for four sessions, prepaid. You can schedule weekly, every two weeks, or monthly. Rates are subject to change in future, but will not change once booked!

Why is coaching so expensive?  My rates are presently below the market standard for niche coaching and consulting actually, because I believe in accessibility. They are also cheaper than therapy, as a well-known standard for comparison, but this is also NOT therapy (see below!). Coaching is a custom, tailored experience unique to each individual client, and specific to YOUR goals and needs. I will meet you wherever you are at. I am generous with my time and so our sessions are longer than usual by half, as I am adding personalized instruction on top of your coaching experience, if that’s something you want. (I will switch gears and put on a totally different hat.) As a client you would also be welcome to send me emails to front-load our sessions with your progress and concerns, so that I can think ahead and prepare, and we can make the best of our time. I will also send you an email summary with the take-home questions and thoughts from our call. Overall, it comes down to results. Coaching is really about helping you making plans and staying accountable, which achieves priceless transformational results.

When can I expect results? That is up to you— results that you see will be based on your efforts and follow through; however I believe you will begin to notice some tangible improvement after even just a couple of sessions. Please note that this is not an immediate quick fix, and will require effort on your part to make these habits stick and enable changes to happen over the longer term. 

Is this like therapy/ art therapy/ counselling? No. This will be intensive personal development work, partly informed by science and basic psychology 101, but is NOT therapy, nor is it art therapy. You may experience therapeutic effects from your art making and your efforts towards personal development, but it is important to distinguish that I am not trained as a psychologist, psychotherapist, therapist of any kind, or counsellor, nor able to discuss trauma or mental health challenges in such a capacity. I am an advocate for normalizing therapy/counselling and/or medication, and I recommend seeing a healthcare professional for therapy/counselling and/or medication when necessary, particularly if your mental health challenges are affecting your ability to function at basic levels in your daily life. Please see my resources page for more information (Coming soon!)

If you would like to book a free consultation to see if these sessions would be the right fit for you, please reach out! I will ask you to complete a short pre-booking survey and then we can schedule a 30-40 minute phone or Zoom call… I look forward to speaking with you!! 

ISOLINE STUDIOS operates on the traditional lands of the Esquimalt & Songhees First Nations peoples, who have lived here since time immemorial, and whose relationship with the land continues to this day.

ISOLINE STUDIOS is proud to be an inclusive Safe Space, welcoming of the LGBTQA+ community, all genders, orientations, abilities, beliefs, ethnicities, and nationalities.

This program may not be a good fit for everyone. ISOLINE STUDIOS reserves the right to work with those who will be the best fit for the program who possess the various resources (time, drive, effort, etc) needed to follow through and achieve results. Declining to work with an individual at the present time is of no reflection on or statement about a person’s intrinsic human value, good character, or current situation, and may be simply be based on scheduling availability or lack thereof. If financial concerns are the only thing holding you back, please reach out anyway.